Around the corner. Around the world.

Ford Land is making a positive impact on workplace culture and how people interact. This influence can be seen and felt around the world, where we are doing more than managing properties for Ford Motor Company. We are delivering an experiential workplace where team members will innovate and collaborate.

Delivering an impressive list of services worldwide.

Over the years, Ford Land’s growth and influence has expanded beyond commercial property management to include an impressive list of services for Ford operations worldwide. Our services include:

  • Construction
  • Engineering & Energy
  • Planning & Estimating
  • Facility Management
  • Global Design
  • Workplace Experience
  • Real Estate Services
  • Decommissioning & Global Asset Management
  • Corporate Services

Global Leadership Team

Meet our team.

The success of Ford Land is the direct result of our highly trained and dedicated team. Meet the professionals who are vital to setting the strategic direction for Ford Land, and committed to delivering workplace environments that drive innovation and collaboration.

Dave Dubensky

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Doug Van Noord

Director – Sales, Leasing and Development

Kevin Whipp

Global Director

Gina Waggoner

Global Director

Jackie Shuk

Global Director – North America

Eric Grubb

Global Director – Asia Pacific

Bernd Goertz

Global Director – Europe

Nelson Pires

Global Director – South America

Global Projects

Spreading our vision worldwide.

Delivering a human-centered workplace experience for every Ford Motor Company operation globally is well under way, using the principles of mobility, smart design and technology. It’s the driving force for our commercial properties in Metro Detroit and around the world. Here are some of our current global projects:


  • Office focusing on acceleration of mobility solutions for Europe
  • Will target the near term development of smart mobility technologies while focusing on the specific requirements of European cities


  • We are building a campus to house our product development, parts recall center, and GMS lab
  • The new construction will deliver an inspiring, open collaboration workplace that fosters innovation

Workplace Experience

Creating inspiration in our workspaces.

Ford Land is taking a lead role in redefining Ford workspaces at our Dearborn Campus and around the world. The mission is to deliver to every Ford team member globally a sense of deep empowerment to be the world’s most trusted mobility company.

This global mission will result in workspace environments that build trust through smart design, while advancing the Ford global vision of mobility. They will tell a story about the promise of our company by incorporating the elements of innovation and motion. A culture everyone entering a Ford workplace can experience on a daily basis.