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A subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, Ford Land owns and operates approximately 5 million square feet of well-appointed commercial office space in Dearborn and Allen Park, Michigan. From our multi-story office buildings and business parks with research and development space, to our individual offices and move-in-ready suites, Ford Land provides a wide variety of properties designed to meet all types of business needs. Our dynamic community contains a myriad of A-list tenants, and continues to attract and welcome more.

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Perhaps no one understood the need for productivity in the workplace better than Henry Ford. Which is why it’s hardly surprising that in 1970 his grandson, Henry Ford II, had the vision and foresight to develop 2,360 acres of farmland – acquired by his grandfather – into a master-planned community. Today, the company he formed, Ford Motor Land Development Corporation – or Ford Land – boasts nearly 5 million square feet of commercial office space nestled alongside several retail, residential, hospitality and recreational properties. Ford Land is not only one of the largest commercial landlords in Southeast Michigan, but also one of the most esteemed.


From the very beginning, Henry Ford II’s vision was to develop the land surrounding Ford Motor Company’s World Headquarters into a vibrant, bustling and master-planned community he called Fairlane. The original intent was to ensure the economic success of the area by building a mixed-use development blending retail, residential, hospitality and recreational properties alongside commercial office space. Ford Land has since realized this vision and continues to serve as a guardian and developer of the community.


There’s really no better place to build a business than within the Ford Land community. Its millions of square feet of R&D and commercial office space, located amid a flourishing community, is impressive. When you also consider that the community includes championship golf courses, four-star dining, the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village, colleges, universities, a plethora of shopping retailers, and two downtown districts, it becomes clear just how much Ford Land really has to offer.


Some of the exceptional characteristics that set Ford Land apart from other property owners include our long-term ownership stability, financial backing from Ford Motor Company, continuous property investments, proactive market solutions, community engagement and environmental stewardship. Ford Land carefully oversees the evolution and development of its community to ensure continued success for future generations.

Since its inception in 1970, Ford Land has not only honored its original intent to be an active guardian, manager and developer of what has become a thriving real estate community, but has expanded to include real estate, construction and facility services for Ford operations worldwide.

More than a landlord, Ford Land is your community for commercial real estate. See how we can help your business. Call 313-323-4140 and let our team of experts help you find your perfect work environment today.